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A glimpse into the town's history and looking at

Medieval Banbury Town

We teamed up with The Artery art shop who created wonderful artist impression overlays of what the town centre would have looked like back when Banbury Castle overlooked the Market Place. Click on each image to learn more.

Further down the page you will see videos of other parts of Banbury's fantastic and varie history.

What Banbury Castle looked like in Market PlaceA View of the castle from Parsons StreetHere is a view of the town gaol, and ducking stool.The original town hall in its former position of Market Square.A view of Broad Street looking twoards the town centre, showing stocks and well.

Time Team visit Broughton Castle on the Outskirts of Banbury

The popular television series Time Team came to the outskirts of Banbury in 2021 to excavate what is thought to be the site of one of the largest Roman villas in the country. This is the episode from their first day. The other two episodes are also available to watch.

Banbury's First World War National Filling Factory No. 9

A scrubby field on the M40 in Banbury hides a secret. it was the site of a First World War shell filling factory that employed 1500 people. Little remains of this site of national and international significance.

The Lost Railway Line: Verney Junction to Banbury

A trip along a lost railway line: Verney Junction to Banbury Merton Street

Inside a Drained Lock in Banbury Town's Canal

The lock was drained for maintenance by the Canal & River Trust, and the public was allowed to see what was being revealed.